Knowledge of HR is important for employers, with increasing regulations and guidelines which must be followed. Employees are much more aware of their rights than in previous years, with significantly greater numbers of tribunals brought against employers. It is especially important that employers protect their businesses by operating a strong understanding of HR.

One of the best ways to keep up to date with everything you need to know is HR training sessions, dedicated to providing you with the most relevant and up to date HR information.

What should be included in an HR training session?

There are a number of varied subjects which should ideally be covered in an HR training session, with the best possible steps for ensuring your HR knowledge is fully up to date listed below:

  • Safeguarding the employee/employer relationship and how to handle any disputes which may arise in the workplace.
  • Effective management of absence and sick leave, as well as how to offer professional or personal support.
  • The Equality Act, discrimination and protected characteristics: how you might be affected and any potential situations which require caution.
  • Maternity leaves advice includes your rights and obligations to your employees.
  • Legal considerations and precautions should be taken regarding hiring new staff and dismissal procedures.
  • The importance of employment documentation and record-keeping, both for performance monitoring and HR details.
  • Any recent or impending changes in employment legislation, as well as how best to effectively adapt to these changes.

Employee HR duties

While your main priority as an employer is to ensure that your own responsibilities are maintained, you should also always try to make sure your employees are following HR procedures correctly, especially when it comes to sickness or absence. It is extremely important that employees are aware of their statutory sick pay entitlement, as well as the procedures for taking leave from work.

Keeping your employees up to date with these areas can be ensured by conducting regular HR reviews, as well as internal HR training when new guidelines are released or legislation is updated. By attending HR training sessions and passing on the knowledge you gain to your employees, you can ensure that your company remains productive, successful and completely covered under all forms of HR legislation.